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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  April 11, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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amazing. then the tippers came back and the story goes from great to unbelievable. one big happy straight ahead in 30 seconds. ♪ right now, a thrill seeker's worst nightmare but she's alive because of what she was wearing. ♪ plus, no swearing on a
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construction site in philadelphia. doesn't seem possible. ♪ it's not something you usually see posted out of all places a construction site. the sign banning cursing right there. but one company is hoping to keep it clean their language that is. i'm lucy noland. >> mind your manners. i'm thomas drayton. iain is off tonight. maybe this sign will set a good example for students. our chris o'connell tracked down the meaning of the sign. what is this all about, chris? >> reporter: thomas, i guess you can call it a sign of the times of political correctness. and i do mean that quite literally. take look at the sign on the campus of temple university. construction workers here on campus are being told to watch their mouths. there are a lot of signs around construction sites but rarely one like this. they may be big and burly but saying a four letter word on this job site might get you in trouble at temple university. >> it happens from time to time but we real dollar try hard not
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to. >> reporter: construction workers building temple's new library are now being greeted with this sign, no foul langua language. yes, on a construction site. so how is that going. >> they posted the signs and told everybody. we not supposed to be cursing. >> is that tough to do on a construction site? >> yes. [ laughter ] >> yes, it is. >> reporter: if you drop a piece of wood op your foot, what do you do? what do you say? >> ouch! you say ouch! that the it. >> reporter: doesn't have the aim oomph. >> you just say ouch. that's it. >> reporter: ban on swearing didn't come from student complaints or the university for that matter it was the contractor madison construction who always tells its workers to keep it clean. you know, for the kids. >> we do try not to. i mean, we have safety meetings about it, and they want to you not curse, you know, foul language. there's kids around. >> reporter: and speaking of kids, what do students think about the swearing ban?
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>> i don't understand the point of it. >> what's your favorite curse word. >> bleep. the best one. >> honestly i'd probably slip up a couple times haven't to like oh, i'd probably curse because i messed up and cursed. >> reporter: most workers we spoke with had no problem with watching their language but admit it's been an adjustment. >> we're off sight. why don't you look at the cam ran give me a nice big curse word since we're off sight. >> bleep bleep. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and get this. 81% according to career builder, 81% of employees say cursing at work calls in to question an employee's professionalism. so, guys,. >> yes. >> reporter: you better watch what you say around the workplace. >> ain't that the truth? we do it here. we're done. >> good thing you mind your manners, chris don't have to worry about you chris o'connell tonight. >> i know, i know i've been caught a few times. >> you have. we'll see in you a bit. crews in center city busy fini finishing a big job there. huge hole opened up on 17th
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street at walnut after a break in the water service line that made for some frustrating traffic backups around this couldn't jeffed area. water department finished work on service line tonight and the streets department is now restoring that roadway. they're hoping to have that street back open by tomorrow afternoon. he's apologizing again. white house press secretary sean spicer ignite add fire storm with his words. this time, they were about hitler and the holocaust. >> you know, someone as despicable of hitler who didn't sink to the -- to using chemical weapons. >> spicer was discussing the horrific chemical weapons attack in syria that killed nearly 100 civilians. many of them children. now, not only is spicer apologizing for his remarks, he's also trying to explain just what he meant. >> but that isn't enough for top ranking democrats. they want spicer out. fox 29's shawnette wilson live at the jewish museum tonight. shawnette, these comments during
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passover have people pretty upset. >> reporter: people we talked to, thomas and lucy are shocked, upset and angry. they believe that spicer attempt to go rewrite history with his comments. >> we didn't use chemical weapons in world war ii. you had a, you know, someone did he say spectacularrable of hitler who didn't even sing to the -- to using chemical weapo weapons. >> reporter: white house press secretary sean spicer making news for all the wrong reasons tuesday. talking to reporters about the chemical weapons attack in syria last week. reporters shocked at his choice of words comparing hitler to syrian president bashar as sad and those reporters asked for clarification. >> i think when you come to sarin gas, there was no -- he was not using the gas on his own people the same way that assad is doing. there was clearly -- i understand your point. thank you. thank you. i appreciate that. there was not in the -- he brought them into, um, to the holocaust center. i understand that.
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but i'm saying in the way that the -- assad used he went in town dropped them down into the middle of towns it was brought so the use of it i appreciate the clarification there. that was not the intent. >> spicer' as tempt to explain drawing even more shock. we talked to people in the jewish community heading to a seder dinner on the second day of passover. >> how dare you! how dare you! especially given where we are in the -- in the time of year. what we as jews are celebrating. >> it's devastating to think that these people are so pig ignorant. >> reporter: later a second clarification from the white house. which reads "in no way was i trying to lessen the horrendous nature of the holocaust. i was trying to draw a distinction of the tactic of you're airplanes to drop chemical weapons on population centers. any attack on innocent people is reprehensible and inexcusable. some aren't buying it.
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>> no. it means nothing. chemical weapons were used in world war ii. done. >> reporter: and some say that spicer should have simply apologized and said he was wrong. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, shawnette wilson. what a difference a few hours make. it's okay now but a brush fire in cheltenham township brought septa's fox chase regional line to a screeching halt this afternoon. lines back up and running but the threat of brush fires remains. meteorologist kathy orr is here to tell us why the danger is so high. >> lucy, that fire danger will continue to run high because it's been so dry and warm with temperatures in the 70s and the 80s. dry with low relative humidity as well and we're talking about breezy conditions that are just beginning to ease. right now across the region look at these temperatures. reading sitting at 70 degrees. 72 in lancaster. 70 in philadelphia and 62 degrees in millville. wind speeds calming down little
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bit 7 miles an hour winds right now in philadelphia but still at 10 miles an hour in atlantic city. so the satellite/radar shows we have some showers moving in and this will begin to ease that fire danger at least for a little while. some cooler air moving in on the back side of this as well. so coming up we'll talk about how much temperatures will fall and easter surprise and our next chance of strong storms. i'll see you later on in the broadcast. >> lot to talk about, thank you kathy. federal judge hoping to take the bribery case against philadelphia district seth williams to court next month. the judge today rejected a request by prosecutors to give them more time to prepare for now the trial set to start may 31st. the judge says time is of the essence sips williams will not step down from office. he's rejected calls to resign. prosecutors say williams took more than $100,000 in gifts in exchange for favors. we are learning more information tonight about the man in a disturbing video getting pulled off a united plane. that man 69-year-old david dow
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is a doctor from kentucky. he was convicted more than a decade ago of felony charges involving prescription drugs. however, there's no indication that his past influenced how he was treated. what we do know dow's medical license was suspended in 2003 after an undercover operation. the kentucky medical board learned that dow was interested iinterestedin patient and hiredn office manager. that man later said he quit because dow aggressively pursued him and a changed to provide him with prescription drugs in exchange for sex. now dow was convicted on self charges in 2004 but received his medical license back in 2015. meanwhile tonight airlines ceo is having to backtrack big time after all the bad press from this incident. last night he called the passenger disruptive. tonight, he's apologizing and vowing to fix the system. now part of the ceo' statement posted today on twitter reads, it's never too late to do the right thing. i have committed to our
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customers and our employees that we are going to fix what's broken so this never happens again. "this will include a thorough review of crew movement our policies for incentivizing volunteers in these situations. how we handle over sole situations and an examination how we partner with airport authorities and local law enforcement "consumer advocate say the airline simply failed. >> the airlines do not want often divulge what your true options or rights are, and then they don't want to give you a warning. in many cases they're very quick to pull the trigger and call the police. >> on the flip side here, off vision experts say that the airline is very well within their rights to pull any passenger off a plane. now united airlines a dominant carrier in new jersey and tonight governor chris christie says, he's asked the trump administration to suspend regulations that allow airlines to over book flights. practice of bumping passengers is unconscionable.
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by the way no word yet from the white house. probably won't get a lot of ago films folks on that one thomas. happening in delaware, a judge must decide the fate of three teen girls charge the in connection with the death of a classmate. the case centers around 16-year-old amy joyner francis who died hours after had flight -- after fight in high school bathroom. now during closing arguments in wilmington today, prosecutors argued that the teens conspired to confront amy over an on-going beef ultimately that led to her death. well the autopsy found amy died of heart detect aggravated by the stress of that fight. no matter the judge's ruling, her father says the family will not see justice. >> at this point we're all devastated. it's almost like reliving it for the first time. >> the judge says he'll announce his verdict thursday morning and you know fox 29 is following this story. we will bring it to you as it
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happens. ♪ there goes your view. it's bad enough having these in your front yard. how would you like something even bigger? >> waitress speaking of big gets $400 tip but the story gets so much better from there. those tippers well they came back. >> not too bad. vacation nightmare. she was bitten by a and the shark left something behind. >> so you mentioned nightmare. this girl wanted a thrill and, boy, did she get it. you see what's going on here. she is hanging by her boots. ♪
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>> what a great night and great day. temperatures are are way above average as we look at the platt bridge in south philadelphia. no repeat tomorrow. kathy or has the forecast in coming a bit. bigger not always better people some swedesboro say huge power poles are ruining the view in their nice little town. it doesn't matter about the mission to bring better service. >> nah, folks say they're simi ugly. dave schratwieser is in swedesboro. man, dave, i'm guessing you got an earful from really unhappy neighbors. >> reporter: lucy, the folks here in historic swedesboro are none too happen about the towering new electric poles going up across their neighborhoods. atlantic electric says the poles are necessary to bring service and reliability to the region. but folks here are not happy. >> they're big and ugly. >> reporter: by night they don
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look like much. lying on the ground along glenn okay company road in swedesboro. but when the sun comes up, there's no missing the town's newest addition dozens of huge electric poles as far as the high can see. >> they're big and ugly and, you know, they're an eye sore. they really are. >> reporter: it's all in the name of progress with atlantic electric building a new substation a few miles away. the towering new poles are being installed to carry new electric lines to improve reliability and service to the area. there's only one problem. the folks in historic swedesboro they're not too happy about the big replace many poles. >> somebody whose coming into town from the south that's the first view of swedesboro and, you know, we're not real pleased with it. >> at one point i call the police about it. >> reporter: this man has new pole on his property he had for mower stored there while they were being installed up and down the street. >> they talk to you before. >> no. this is a we're going to do and it was done. i was very surprised.
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>> more communication would have been lot better. >> reporter: swedesboro officials also got into some back and forthwith atlantic electric over the poles said set to be installed here when you drive into town. the mayor was worried they'd block the view of this sign and the historic trinity episcopal church. both sides now appear to have work out a deal to move the poles. >> we take a lot of pride in the way our town looks. we try to improve it. we try to maintain our historical character more than anything. >> reporter: the mayor says both sides could have done better job communicate. atlantic electric says they'll continue to to work with swedesboro and other surrounding towns where the poles are going up. want to tell you tonight, thomas, getting a lot of twitter traffic from folks in other towns where these poles are also going up. back to you. >> you can imagine the frustration especially with when it happens overnight. dave schratwieser in swedesboro. thanks. happening in wilmington shooting under investigation. a man was shot around 8:15
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tonight and was wounded in his upper body near seventh and west streets. he's in critical condition at christiana hospital. atm gone and camera caught the disappearing act. three thieves broke into north philly deli and stole it last thursday right around 4:00 a.m. surveillance cameras caught the thieves with their faces covered dragging the atm through the store. police say they got away with cash. jurors in the capital murder trial of eric frein watched his confession on video tape. prosecutors today played the three hour interview that police recorded on the night of his capture. it shows investigators pressing for frein for answers on why he opened fire outside the blooming drove barracks in 2014 killing a pennsylvania state corporal and critically wounding a trooper. on the tape frein says he acted alone. he could face the death penalty if convicted. investigators in montgomery county are digging through a horrific domestic violence case. we told you about it last night and the accusations that joseph
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myhre faces. police say the collegeville man fractured his wife's skull and used electric dog collars to shock his children among other absolutely heinous things. they say this abuse goes back at leave six years. >> when you deal with dough mystic violence, um, this is, um, so often a hidden crime and, um, i think now that the -- the actions have come out, um, i'm sure there's a lot of people that wish they had done more. >> police say myhre has admitted some of the abuse. he remains in jail on million dollars bail. >> penn state issued a stern to fraternity and sore rot. several violations about alcohol rules during the recent parents weekend.
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the warning comes as police continue to investigate the death of sophomore timothy piazza from new jersey. the engineering student died after falling during a party at the fraternity house in february. so much for the convenience of using your smart tone to pate parking meter here in philadelphia. the philadelphia parking authority is putting the brakes on its meter up app. as of midnight you can no longer use the mobile payment option. the ppa says it is suspending the app due to financial problems with its service provider. so until the city finds a new one it is back to feeding the kiosk and placing that receipt stuff on your dashboard. let's take you out to hawa hawaii. waitress there let's just say she really hit it off with customers so far so they left her a $400 tip. >> isn't that amazing. >> it is. but that's the type of the iceberg. waitress says she heard stories like this before. but never thought it was going to happen to her. >> i was at a loss for words. >> kayla has been pulling double duty as a waitress at the
10:20 pm
cheesecake factory in waikiki she was waiting on a couple of tourists from australia and hit it off and they ended up chatting quite a bit. >> they asked me where i was from. and i told them i moved here for school, but i was kind of in a little bit of debt and i couldn't back to school because i couldn't afford it and the cost of living here. >> reporter: after good meal and even better conversation the man and woman paid their $200 tab and left. and kayla was shocked to see they left a tip of $400. >> i just thought it was so generous of them. never get tipped that big. i had to say thank you. >> during dinner they told me where they were staying so i ran there after what work to see if they were still there. >> kayla sent sent a thank you note, dessert and flowers to the visitors at their hotel. and the very next day, they gave her even more. the couple came back to the restaurant and offered to help pay off her student loans and debt more than $10,000.
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>> i said, no way. like, you don't have to that for me. i just wanted to say thank you. i still don't feel like it's real. owe want to run around in the streets. >> the couple told her the best way to thank them is by being her best possible self. >> i want to make them proud and i will take this opportunity with an open heart and be a better person that i can be every day. >> so kayla plans to return to school to study liberal arts and business. >> does that make your heart grow. >> yeah. the gratitude that paid off even more. >> she wept to their hotel room with flowers and dessert and thank you card. >> i have a feeling she'll pay it forward later in life. >> take look at this video. you're about to see that right there is a car in a pool -- >> not supposed to be there. >> no one knows thou get it out. >> blind sided by a deer. wow! do you see that? all right. so do you think the eagles need a linebacker. >> i was about to say can we draft the deer. speaking of showing up out of
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nowhere, one neighborhood stuck waking up before dawn. ♪ vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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by the time the drugs ran out, i was addicted. it happened so fast. i ended up on the streets, where the drugs are cheaper and easier to get. i was a full blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. when i realized i needed help i didn't know where to go. but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. this is governor chris christie. call 844 reach nj or visit
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all right. let's call this guy a butterfinger bandit out of central pennsylvania. police believe the man in this video tape robbed credit union in new york. then he took off on bicycle but at some point you see right there he dropped a lot of cash. so the guy gets off his bike, walks up the sidewalk and picks up the money and rides away.
10:25 pm
police are grateful he's caught on camera. a little bit longer. they're hoping to get him off the streets. >> questions of excess tiff force by police in ohio. a man is on the ground. hands cuffed behind his back a second officer runs right in. someone witness phone captured what happened next. an officer appeared to kick or symptomly the head man's head. police suspected the man was involved in shooting from moments earlier into by. the department reassign the officer in question in the video while it investigates what exactly happened. a teen driver fell asleep behind the wheel sending him and his car right into a swimming pool. the 19-year-old was driving home around 3:00 in the morning in the san francisco area. he was able to get out of the car and the pool on his own. not badly hurt and even though he fell asleep. neighbors point out that the intersection well it causes a lot of accidents near that home. >> that's why they put this fence here. because people keep crashing into their house. and this used to be just a four highway stop and now they put
10:26 pm
the middle stop which still people don't know what to do. they're going the wrong way on the one-way street. >> meanwhile the car is still in the pool. tow truck drivers say it couldn't figure out a way to get it out without damaging the pool. pool much police say since it's on private property, homeowners have to figure it out on their own. >> oh, nice. man in british columbia got the shock of his life when let's just say a deer ran over him. >> yeah. kind of a 180 of the typical thing that happens to make matters worse nobody believed him until the video showed up. so the guy was getting dropped off tahoe physical last week when the deer just leveled him. says the deer was running away from a dog -- can you imagine that was chasing it. the man says his friends accused him of making up the story because because it was april fools. so he convinced the hotel to share its surveillance video. he and the deer are both okay. >> should have placed a bet. talk about vacation nightmare. she was bitten by a shark and just let's just say the shark
10:27 pm
left something hyped. >> brief taste of summer, kathy. >> um-hmm. we sure did. i hope you enjoyed it. we have some rain moving our way tomorrow but 80ing will be back. i'll show you when. ♪ >> also ahead tonight, look at this right here. did you see it? >> yes. >> that white light? >> you hum. >> it really freak that woman out.
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>> united airlines getting crushed by late night comedians and social media for the way it handled passenger forcibly ejected from the flight. the company stock stayed down by quarter billion dollars as the public relations disaster continues to play out. >> tonight our bruce gordon is putting that united story along with another viral tale from florida into cop text. maybe it's me, but it sure seems like passengers at philly international have already a dapped to the hand to hand combat they now seem to expect from united airlines. there's the new backpacks with built in spikes. try grabbing that during a scuffle. and this guy keeps his carry on bag between himself and the
10:31 pm
aviation cops no matter from what direction they approach. video of a kentucky doctor being dragged off an over booked flight after refusing financial offers to give up his seat has everyone talking. >> very diss grateful. >> reporter: when you saw that video what went through your mind? >> um, honestly, lawsuits. [ laughter ] >> reporter: in fact attorney and pilot fred tecce says the air lean was technically win its rights to forcibly remove the good doctor. >> federal law requires compliance with all crew issued instructions. all right. when you're the captain of an airplane you're ultimately responsible for what happens on that airplane. you are the ultimate authority. >> in keeping with the c. o's apology for quote having to dee accommodate the up tran jent passenger i'd like to add my own support fort airline. they saved him wear and tear on the soles of his shoes by during
10:32 pm
dragging him out on his back and helped hem lose weight by removing excessive blood from inside his face. >> oh, my god! >> multi billion a line could have incentive'sed the good doctor to leave the plane by woman. she was sitting next to him. he asked they are push the button for good luck she hit for a hundred grand and took all the money. >> casino rules say whoever presses the button is indeed the better of record and gets the dough. i highly scientific poll of two people showed great disagreement over the woman's cash grab. >> it should have went to the guy because it was his money and his card and it was just her luck. >> oh, well. you win some, you lose some. that's the expression s not. >> reporter: back to our friend mr. tecce. possess sore of all worldly knowledge. >> what's lesson we learned from all of this. >> push the button yourself. >> okay. don't let them spin your wheel
10:33 pm
and under no circumstances should you ever let them pull your handle. with that, i'll wait to be dragged out of here by our station human resources police. i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> bruce gordon. all right. skyfox over hunting park tonight firefighters fought a three-story row home fire along the 4,000 block of north broad street. they got the call around 8:30 tonight quickly battled it back. no one is hurt. >> still following developing story out of san bernardino, california. the police chief there says the teacher who was shot and killed that her ex threatened her after she moved out. police say the shooter 53-year-old cedric anderson right there had four arrests over 20 years but none of those cases ended in a conviction. police say anderson and karen smith married in january and separated in march. anderson shot and killed smith in her classroom also shooting two students killing one. anderson later shot and killed himself. now the student who died eight year older jonathan martinez he was air lived to a
10:34 pm
hospital but didn't make it into surgery. his parents released these pictures of the little boil. it is heartbreaking. the other student remains in the hospital. >> jury selection in bill cosby sex assault case is set to get underway may 22nd is the date. jurors will come from pittsbur pittsburgh. opening statements began on jun. prosecutors say the 79-year-old comedian drugged and molest add former temple university employee in 2004. the trial is expected to last two weeks. a family vacation to the beach supposed to be filled with sun and sand but one family are remembering it for another s word. that word would be shark. >> yeah. georgia woman on vacation in florida was in waste deep water when a shark attacked. fox's denise dylan has the sto story. >> i remember, um, screaming saying she's got bit by a shark. melanie lawson hernia family is been looking vacation to mushin ma beach florida. once on the beach she warned her
10:35 pm
children not to go very deep into the water. on the last day she says she went out about 4 feet deep. >> i felt something like i said cruise against my leg and done around and i felt pain. so he could have easily probably taken me down. there's no way. i would have fought for my life. >> she says she ran for the shore and remembers people trying to help her. her daughter lauren wasn't far away. >> because she grew up on the water. i thought she would have been fine swimming but then i didn't know where she was. i see on the shore and she's covered in blood. >> melanie had been bitten in the thigh rush to the hospital. she says part of the shark's tooth was imbedded in her leg. >> determined it was a 5-foot hammer head. >> reporter: as melanie recovers in her home, still with stitches in her leg and in a lot of pain, she says she wants her ordeal to be a warning to others as they head to the beach for spring and summer vacations. >> walked away from it.
10:36 pm
i'm very lucky. i love the water. i'll go back in. i just don't know when. >> she's going back in. >> the thing is shark usually aren't after humans. they mistake you for another things so they're just kind of like tasting and -- wrong thing. >> for me it's a warning. the ocean is telling me something. don't go back in. she's brave. >> yes. still ahead this evening, take a look at this. watch. did you see it right there? >> hard to miss. >> that streak of white lights really freaked that woman out. >> eyes are like bugged out. so this girl wanted a thrill and boy did she get it. hanging by her boots. but first the music world saying goodbye to a man who's band is known for some huge hits his name was james giles, jr., but of one new him as j giles of the j giles what happened. >> loved them. >> he played guitar and peter wolf had number one hits like centerpiece and freeze frame in
10:37 pm
the 1980's. he was found dead in his home of massachusetts no word on the cause of death. giles was 71 years old. savings at giant. only at my giant. hi hey
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was that a meteor in california caught on camera? >> you saw it shocks the woman recording. whole lot of folks reported seeing something streak across the night sky in the san diego area. scientists have not confirmed if it was in fact a meter united behind that flash of light. >> i'll have you taking a second look. activity trackers you wear around your wrist, fit bits zone assess heart rate according to new research. various brands were studied and the results were compared to an ek. good. results varied among the different models weren't much less accurate during exercise than at rest. researchers say the devices are probably good enough to n consumers of general trends in their heart rate, but more accurate information should come from your doctor. the study comes from the university of wisconsin. shock tonight in germany an explosion rock a soccer team's bus and injured a player. bore russia dorman and ac monaco can one supposed to fate off. what happened cancel the match and authorities think the explosives were hidden in nearby
10:41 pm
parked car. in upstate new york mysterious if he they haded friend as moved on into the neighbor. >> let's just say he's strutting his stiff stuff and he's become something of a celebrity out that. this rooster suddenly showed up about month ago in albany subdivision and quickly made himself at home. no one knows where he came from. but residents quickly gryfon of the bird. they even named him frog horn leg horn. >> aww. >> but rue neighbors say he's a welcomed addition to the block except for that early morning wake up call. >> he does alert the neighborhood when it's 4:00 o'clock in the morning. >> some people probably like it. it's probably their alarm clock. not my kids alarm clock. >> his name was actually rue not fog horn leg horn. rue was a tiny kangaroo. >> thank you for setting it straight. >> one resident called animal control to have rue removed. they only respond domestic
10:42 pm
animals and don't have the right equipment to get him out of there. >> she signed up for a thrill ride and boy did she get it. do you see what is going on. she's just hanging by her boots. >> kathy, can we go from spring straight to summer? >> i wish we could. we have a little rain coming our way you can see it behind on on ultimate doppler this weekend will be unbelievable. your easter forecast coming up.
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where's frank? it's league night! 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico! goin' up the country. bowl without me. frank.' i'm going to get nachos. snack bar's closed. gah! ah, ah ah. ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪
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geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. >> all righty. so look at what happened here. it was a scare high in the air in france. two girls were on a ride at a fair but one of their harnesses malfunctioned and that girl ended up dangling in the air just hanging on by her boots and thank goodness she had them on. they saved her. because you can see that she was still swinging back and forth. eventually the ride slowed and someone stepped up and pumped her to safety thank goodness after all of that she's not hurt at least not physically. ♪ it's hank i'm in ocean city with the world's number one beach bum earl paul i got spring fever. my take is, i'm far from alone. >> i knew as soon as i hit the
10:46 pm
pavement i was too sick to work. there was no way. >> i got a call in sick today. >> all right my friend. get better. >> i'm sorry, bud thanks. >> you got it. >> all right. bye. >> it was a galloping case of the spring fever. that annual day where you break out cold and start dreaming of summer. in ocean city jay gillian was sprucing up the family amusement park, wonderland peer it's none-year-old carousel. >> this ride holds so many memories this is the one ride as long as i'm alive will never go anywhere this means traditions and so many families that have been on this, it's really what wonderland is all about and ocean city. ♪ >> reporter: jay happens to be the mayor of ocean city. he recommends the easter morning sunrise service at music peer if you're around but that fever boater ace round town feel it for sure. paul monaghan got spring fever that's him down there working on his 31-foot jupiter. don't you wish you had one? >> tune it up. just put the spark plugs in. and then you put a coat of wax
10:47 pm
on it. you fill it up up with gas and off go. >> paul might have a fishing line in the water as soon as tomorrow. 81 degrees in philly today according to kathy orr. cooler at the shore. but forty nine degrees in the water. what are you people doing? that is still cold. >> lots of things you can do to give a little cure to that spring fever i would not recommend going in the water just for safety issues. ♪ >> reporter: fox 29ism tow dude you last year to earl paul the world number one beach bum who says the beach cures all ills. >> or most of them. >> does it work for spring fever. >> no. i don't think it does. because people once they're here, they're very sad to go home. >> i don't. i'm here every day. >> reporter: he's right. absolutely. i didn't want to leave. listen about me calling in sick today can we keep that our little secret? i'd appreciate it. after all, i saw you down there today too and you know you should have been at work. i'm hank and that's my take.
10:48 pm
♪ >> thank your secret is safe with us. we won't say word. ron your radar tonight it feels like we skipped right over spring jumped right into summer. allentown shattered records. no repeat tomorrow, though. kathy orr has your forecast in 15 seconds. >> 85 degrees today in reading and allentown and philadelphia up to 82. look behind me. this is the full pink moon. beautiful tonight. we call it the pink moon because it's the month of april and many of the flowers that bloom in this month are pink. so you're not going to see any kind of pink hugh there. it's just going to look like a regular full moon. across the delaware valley temperatures are pretty mild tonight. in philadelphia we're still holding on to 70. new york 63.
10:49 pm
harrisburg 63. williamsport 67. look at that cold air to the west or cooler air to the west with temperatures in the 50s our suburbs will get down there overnight tonight. high pressure anchored over the coast drifting away we have cold front that's approach you see the rain associated with eight few spotty showers tonight and even tomorrow morning. most of it still to the west. and then some cooler air gradually working its way back in. hyped that front we'll see a little bit of a did you in the jet stream still above average for the next several days across the philadelphia area and into our suburbs. when we look at the temperatures, it's not going to be quite as warm as it was today but we'll still be above normal. tomorrow the high 75. that's still 13 degrees above average. average high 62. then temperatures just above normal over the next three days. thursday, friday, saturday, and then sunday we spike back up for the easter holiday. it still will be warm. still will be a little windy. still will be dry and that means
10:50 pm
allergies will still be running high. tree pollens, juniper, maple and alder if you're allergic to any of these you will have some problems over the next several days right into the holiday weekend. so overnight tonight, we're talking about increasing clouds with that front moving on through. in the city 62. in the suburbs in the upper 50s. mild with winds out of the southwest diminishing to about five to 10 miles an hour. during the day tomorrow, we'll start off with some clouds giving way to increase suggest shine. morning spotty showers and then westerly winds at about ten to 15 miles an hour. still pretty warm out there. it's not 82 but 75 is not so bad. take a look at the seven day forecast from your weather authority, good weather for thursday. mostly sunny. 67. good for friday still pleasant at 66. saturday a little breezy increasing clouds the high 67. easter sunday haven't seen this in very long time partly sunny 80. still pleasant easter monday. and next tuesday average with mostly sunny skies much that's good baseball playing weather, sean bell.
10:51 pm
if we can call them the boys of summer today. >> yeah, but they didn't play like there was good weather today. but the flyers. they emptied their locker the last time you'll see a lot of those guys was today. hear what steve mason had to say about his future with the flye flyers. not looking too good. plus the phillies late game lead in yesterday's game tonight unfortunately they wouldn't have to worry about getting ahead. that's coming up next some ports. ♪
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
♪ the phillies and the mets don't like each other. plain and simple. last year the phils lost 12 out of 19 games to the mets and every time the two teams play in citizens bank park the place is filled with mets fans. that's not something that sits very well with the phillies and if they want to change that, they need to stop pitching. in the first inning before fans could even get comfortable. he had a three run shot right there. he had three homers in the game. now, in the third after throwing this pitch clay buchholz coming up with a little bit of pain. he had to come out of the game with a strain in his right forearm. we'll see about that later. we go to the fourth cabrera
10:55 pm
almost get nailed in his head yesterday. today well that's how he gets a little bit of pay back. phillies gave up seven homers in this game and nonfan this one right here look at this lucas duda over the wall of grass. look at that. that is deep. i don't know what that is but probably about 450, 460 feet phils get destroyed 14-four they let up 20 hits in this game. cardinals and national in the fourth. jayson werth still making do what he do. homered to left field. nationals go on to win, eight to three. >> flyers come to go center ice to salute the fans. season not ending the way they wanted it to. >> the flyers season ending in disappointment and in did he say belief. entire organization has regressed this year. and wholesale changes are about to be made this off season with the exception of wayne simmons everyone can government the first thing the flyers have
10:56 pm
totter is tipping figure out their goalie system. deceive mason sounded loo ick guy who won't be back. >> i'm confident in my abilities and as a goaltender and as a number one goaltender and it would have been i hope the organization would have echoed those statements. >> along with mason the captain claude giroux might be gone too. pliers fans love him and the city loves him, but elder a sub par system season. today he spoke about his year and he knew it wasn't good enough. >> i'm frustrated at myself and how i played, and but you know what, i'm not going to -- i'm not going to back down. i'm not going to pout about it. i'll go back to work and be the player i can. >> this is the third time in five years the flyers have missed the playoffs. they haven't won a play off series since 2012. that's just not good enough. >> we are in the prime time right now. prime years. we got to make sure that, upping, we step up our game and,
10:57 pm
you know, get this team into the playoffs and start winning some series, because if you don't, it's going to goat blown up. >> my sports commentary in the 11:00 will be bout flyers. they need to blow it. >> we'll rap it at ten. what's coming at 11 had. >> cursing ban at temple university that's what the signs are spelling out. hi
10:58 pm
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